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Your plumbing has two important jobs: carry water from your main supply to the many various faucets, fixtures, and appliances throughout your home, and to carry away used water and waste out to your sewer system or septic tank. Your drains are responsible for collecting this wastewater while your main sewer line is where all of this waste and water collects into one line, making your main sewer line perhaps the single most important part of your entire drain system. Sewer lines are prone to their fair share of issues, and getting those issues fixed requires extensive skill and training to ensure the job is done right.

At Midwestern Mechanical Rapid, Inc., our team of experienced plumbing experts can help you with your sewer line issues, including repairing leaks, removing blockages, and solving just about any other issue you may face. Our Rapid City sewer line repair team has seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to sewer lines, and customers have come to trust us over the years for this extensive experience. We not only hold ourselves to immensely high standards of quality in every service we offer, but we also make sure that you’re comfortable with the work being done and respectful of your property the entire time. We carefully inspect your issue in order to determine the optimal repair solution, and we always take the time to answer your questions so you’re fully comfortable with what’s going on.

If you need Rapid City sewer line repair experts, give us a call at (605) 250-0477 today.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Sewer lines are designed to last and be as durable as possible for as long as possible, but over time the nature of their function will lead them to eventually wear out. Plenty of factors can influence the condition of your sewer line, including corrosion, shifting, unwanted impact, or even interference from things like tree roots or animals.

Our sewer inspection team is equipped to handle all types of sewer line problems, including:

  • Tree root intrusion
  • Collapsed segments
  • Excessive corrosion or wear
  • Clogs or residue buildup
  • Connection issues
  • Leaks

5 Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

1. A soggy yard - If it seems like water is coming up from under you yard, it's likely that it is. If your sewer line cracks then that water has to go somewhere.

2. Rising water bill - If you're noticing that your water bill is climbing, but you haven't changed your water intake, it's possible that your sewer is the culprit and you should give our Rapid City sewer line repair professionals a call.

3. Critters seem attracted to your yard - If you're noticing an influx of furry visitors or bugs, it's possible that your sewer line has cracked and the sewer water is bringing unwanted visitors.

4. Gurgle - If you're hearing a gurgling sound from one plumbing appliance when you're using another, then give our Rapid City sewer line repair experts a call. If you catch it early you might just need sewer cleaning. But if you wait too long, you'll more than likely need repair.

5. Inconsistent toilet bowl water - If the water in your toilet bowl is low today and then high tomorrow, it's possible that you need sewer line repair and should give us a call.

When your sewer line is giving you trouble, make sure you leave it in the hands of the Rapid City sewer line repair experts at Midwestern Mechanical Rapid, Inc! Contact us today.

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